Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cubicle Equipment: Privacy Filters

You've seen them. You may even have one. But are privacy filters for your computer screen really necessary? Are they a poor solution to a problem that could be easily fixed by other means?

Sure, you don't want others to see what you are doing. But here is the simple answer: then don't do it. If you spend enough of your time at work doing so much personal stuff that it requires a privacy filter, then chances are you are pushing the limits of your professional responsibilities. And let's be honest, what looks more suspicious than a privacy filter, especially when no one else is using one?

But what about privacy screens for people who deal with sensitive information on a daily basis? Here is another simple answer: then move them. Behind that plant. Into the corner. With their backs facing the window. Chances are if people can see the information from other angles, then they are milling around and pass within the direct view of the filtered screen.

That's piontless. And bad.

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