Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting a Grip on Hand Sanitizers

I was recently asked about my thoughts regarding the use of hand sanitizers in cubicles -- especially in light of speculation that they don't really do anything other than make your hands feel as if they were dipped in gasoline. My answer: Keep it around. Though the hygienic efficacy of hand sanitizers my be up for debate, the emotional uplift hand sanitizers provide is not. Bird Flu. Swine Flu. Germs. We think about, and some of your coworkers may even obsess about, these things. It's just a fact. Remember after Sept. 11 when the government told everyone to go buy duct tape, batteries, and plastic sheeting? Well, my guess is they were just trying to empower people by giving them a sense they are in control of the situation. And that's exactly what a small bottle of hand sanitizer does in your cubicle. You may have three children under the age of five at home with the flu, but that bottle of hand sanitizer next to your keyboard makes everyone fell more protected -- even if, in reality, they're not. Even better, many companies will provide small bottles of hand sanitizer for free upon request. No reason not to take advantage of that offer -- life in a cubicle, after all, offers few perks.

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