Monday, October 18, 2010

Cube Decor: Plants... and what they say about YOU

Small plants, that is. I write in the The Cubicle Survival Guide regarding plants:

Small low-maintenance plants add a welcome splash of life and color to any cubicle. However, turning your cubicle into the Babylonian Gardens makes you an obsessive freak just like the lady who collects anything "elephant" and the guys who buys old lunch boxes on eBay. As with your house, too much of anything is bad; unlike your house, going overboard with cubicle decorations is a professional matter, not a personal one. Keep the nurturing side of your personality in check. Not everyone shares your passion for flora. Show your team-player mentality by compromising your aesthetic sense with vapid corporate communalism: Strategically place a nice plant that doesn't smell, give people rashes, or eat flies in a safe place, where it won't get knocked over.

Remember that your plants are your responsibility. The people who vacuum  the carpet around your chair and empty your trash will not water your plants for you. Like the corporation itself, they are concerned with the employees as a population, not as individuals. That is why drawing attention to yourself, especially unwanted attention, is not just a personal issue but ultimately a financial matter. If the plant dies in front of all your colleagues, it's your fault. You're not a murderer, but you are someone who can't take care of a plant.

*Shameless Plug Warning!*

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