Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cube Rules: The Kitchen

Rules for the Kitchen, from page 84 of The Cubicle Survival Guide:

In the world of capitalism, time is money. And now more that ever, so is space. There is a war of attrition between corporate overhead and employee comfort. Don't be fooled: The company always wins. But the doesn't mean cubicle dwellers are helpless in the kitchen. By being considerate of one another's gastronomical needs, cubicle residents can create a community where respect for others and basic humanity temper the imposing presence of the corporate bottom line. Below are rules that all office kitchens require for the needs of the community to succeed over the wants of individual employees.


Leftover Chinese food, bowls of chicken soup, and last night's lasagna all spit and splatter in the office microwave. So cover them up. Paul Swanson over at cube K-47 in the finance department is an amateur geologist. He understands how loose particles settle on top of one another, become compressed into distinct layers, and create strata than can be reveal the...

For more, check out this link to a free version The Cubicle Survival Guide online, and scroll down to page 84 for the other six rules and a guide to cubicle food.

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