Friday, July 15, 2011

Cubicle Sitch: Stained Shirt

You're working in your cubicle and as you take a sip of your Starbuck's coffee, some drips on your white shirt (don't you hate it when the seam of the cup is lined up beneath the lid's hole!). You have a big meeting in 20 minutes. Choose which reaction most resembles you:

(a) I laugh and don't worry about the stain. Shit happens.

(b) I buy a bottle of water in the break room and dab the stain with a wet napkin.

(c) I got to the bathroom, take off the shirt, and wash the stain out thoroughly.

(d) I call my spouse and have them deliver a clean shirt.

(e) I reach behind me, grab the spare shirt I have hanging in my cubicle for just such an occasion, and change shirts in the bathroom.

(f) I ask my cubicle neighbor if I can borrow his leather Motörhead jacket.


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