Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cubicle Foul!!!

Which cubicle foul is the bigger transgression?

(a) talking too loudly

(b) wearing too much perfume/cologne

(c) clipping your fingernails

(d) uninvited visits/interrupting your cubicle neighbor

(e) eavesdropping

(f) using the speakerphone


cubicle decoration said...

Ok now you HAVE to write a guest post... I just wrote about cubicle etiquette myself... Awesome stuff here, I HATE loud cubicle neighbors!!!

James F. Thompson said...

They're all annoying but the nail clippers really get to me. It's just wrong on so many levels!

Anonymous said...

for sure nail clipping. Not even close to a job description... plus- you know those clippings are not all in the trash!

Anonymous said...

Mine are 3 that are not listed here...humming, coughing up loogies, and clanging utensils...