Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cubicle Creep: The Money Borrower

We've discussed "borrowers" here before, but usually in reference to coworkers who steal things such as food, condiments, staplers, paperclips, etc. However, the highest level of creepiness is coworkers who have the nerve to ask to borrow money. We're not talking about a car loan, but small denominations for a soda, a parking meter, a bag of pretzels, or even a full lunch. Some promise they'll pay you back. Others just consider it a gift. Either way, you're being taken for a ride, and those types of small loans add up over time. So don't lend your coworkers money. It complicates everything  in a very bad way. And if you're a "borrower" reading this post, you know where to go.

Do you work with a "borrower"?

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