Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Cubicle Survival Guide Now on Facebook!

For a while it was sufficient to have The Cubicle Survival Guide represented by this blog with social networking outreach via Twitter, but with the down economy still on its knees, and global financial prospects looking sluggish at best, working in a cubicle is no longer stigmatized by the oppressive overtones that once haunted cubicles since the publication of TCSG in February of 2007. (If your disagree feel free to debate -- yes, here or on TCSG's Facebook Page.)

Having a cubicle today means you have a job, and though cubicle life will never be perfect, working in a cubicle is now considered a desirable position to be in. Nevertheless, human nature won't change, and cubicle inhabitants will always need a safe place to vent, which is why The Cubicle Survival Guide in now on Facebook. So before you say something you regret to a coworker or spout off about that guy who farts or the neurotic woman who leaves messages for her cat at home, visit The Cubicle Survival Guide Facebook page so that you know you're not alone.

Just click here and delve right in. We're all in this together. 


The Secretary said...

Agreed! I just did the same thing. And now I'm adding your blog to mine! Enjoy the rain in NYC.
The Secretary

James F. Thompson said...

Great! Thanks for the link. I just added your blog to TCSG, too.

Yes, I'll take this rain over the snow any day. Tough, tough winter this year.