Monday, March 7, 2011

Cubicle Must: The Sweat Towel

Today, more and more cubicle dwellers are riding their bikes to work, going for a run during work hours, and working out at the gym during lunch. And that's a good thing. Healthy employees are productive and happy employees, and employers should do everything they can to promote a healthy lifestyle at the workplace. However, when exercise crosses the line and enters the work environment, problems arise. Especially when it comes to hygiene. You should, of course, shower after running or working out, and return to work fresh and dressed appropriately. If you work out at the office building, chances are your body is still overheated from the workout, and you'll continue to sweat for a while in your cubicle. If you ride your bike to work, a sweat towel is imperative as you must wipe yourself down a little before beginning the workday. Congratulations on being healthy. But your sweat is gross. Make sure to always have a -- clean! -- sweat towel discreetly located in your cubicle.

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