Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do You Work in an Information Hub Cubicle?

You didn't ask for it. You don't deserve it. But there you are. In the corner cubicle near the CEO's office, the HR reps office, or the office of someone who has visitors all day long. And when their door is closed wide-eyed visitors ask you, "Do you know if Tom is in." To which you respond, "Um, I just have a cubicle near his office. Maybe you should ask his secretary." Invariably, they sigh and say, "Well then do you know what time he left?" "About an hour ago," you answer. Surrendering to the circumstances.

Information hub cubicles are situated in a physical location that exposes whoever is working in it to the public. It's a terrible place to be, as passers-by have no problem leaning over your cubicle wall and asking questions like, "Hey, I  don't mean to bother you, but can I borrow a paperclip?" There should be a national holiday dedicated to people who work in information hub cubicles.


Anonymous said...

ugh. I know the Information Hub cubicle very well. I used to sit near one. If that particular person wasnt near her desk, I would have to be the stand-in for that.

James F. Thompson said...

I worked in an Information Hub cubicle too and was simply amazed by how rude people could be. Even when I was clearly invested in a project and trying to concentrate, they'd have no problem tapping on my cubicle and asking me if I knew when the CEO left his office and if so when he would be back. Sigh.

Roger_Paw said...

I used to be in that kind of space. I would always get asked where the men's room was by guests (it was just to my left). Gross.

But my cubicle neighbor had it worse. She sat outside a conference room and was ALWAYS getting asked if there was a meeting going on (if the doors were closed) and when it was available. As if she knew! She was not in charge of the conf room calendar. She was a paralegal!