Friday, February 11, 2011

Cubicle Health: Walk It Off

It's the middle of winter. The sky is grey. Your car is covered in salt stains. You're working long hours and rarely see the sunlight. Cubicle life is wearing you down. You're irritable. Petty. Angry at the IT guy. Don't succumb to the stress. Step away from your desk and out of your cubicle. Take a walk down the hallway. Get outside if you can. Take the stairs. Getting your body moving and blood circulating will reduce your stress and get your mind thinking more clearly. It'll be the most wisely utilized 5 or 10 minutes of your day.


Brad said...

Thankfully, our new CEO had a full fitness center built for all employees to use, along with a full-time trainer who has set up classes during the day. It breaks up a long day, being able to workout halfway through the day.

James F. Thompson said...

Your new CEO deserves major credit for being able to see the big picture. Productivity isn't simply measured by hours worked, but by the quality of the work done during those hours. People who are healthy, focused, and exercise regularly will always outperform those who are not. In addition, investing in the physical and mental health of employees makes them feel valued by corporate, which further translates into increased productivity. Sounds like a great company.

reptilianwisdom said...

Here is a better suggestion: Leave the cubicle behind and look for a telecommute job (you can start by picking up projects on, and the like)
Even better: Leave the cubicle for good and become an entrepreneur.
Cubicle is a grave you are buried alive.