Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cubicle Creature: The Whiner

They're worse than smelly food. They're worse than fingernail clippings. They're worse than nosey bosses.

Whiners. They're the absolute worst. And the most disheartening news is that whiners are very difficult to reform because they just don't get it. Getting it is not in their DNA. They have no perspective or self-awareness to realize that actually having a job is a blessing, and that their feeble-minded inability to deal with the little inconveniences and annoyances in life is a real problem for the people around them. Sorry folks, I've been researching how to make peace in the cubicle community for many years now, but I don't have any advice regarding how to deal with whiners. They're just incorrigible.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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