Monday, November 22, 2010

Cubicle Holidays: Thanksgiving Week

Let's face it, if you're working in a cubicle, you're working on Wednesday. If you're getting a half day on Wednesday, or let out by 2 or 3pm, then you work in a standard work environment. If not, you're really getting screwed -- especially if you work in an office where the boss feels free to take off early on Wednesday and leave you behind. What ever happened to leading by example? Those types of business leaders died with John Wayne. It's every man for himself, unfortunately. So, considering that most people view Wednesday as Thanksgiving Eve, and a formality, keep your head down for the next two days. Then you're home free. Just don't make any waves today. Or tomorrow. Become invisible if you can. Do your work. Don't do anything that will get you in trouble or draw attention to yourself. Keep your head down and mentally pack your bags. And for god's sake don't bitch at the airport about security procedures. We're all trying to get home with as little drama as possible -- our families will provide enough drama for the holidays. The last thing we need is overly sensitive, self-righteous people taking the opportunity to inconvenience others and make a tired political point at our expense. We've worked hard and earned this vacation. Get out of the way.

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