Friday, November 5, 2010

The 10 Most Annoying Cubicle Habits

A great article on "The 10 Most Annoying Cubicle Habits, As Reported by Your Coworkers."

Here are the bottom three:

10. Eating too loudly
Or, as one put it, "Chomping on her gum like a fucking heifer."

If it's not gum-smacking, it's crunching chips or slurping coffee. People: No one wants to hear you eating.

9. Hovering
You're on the phone; someone in the office needs to talk to you. Tip to waiting need-to-talker: The universal sign for "call me when you're done" is just like the universal sign for "give me a call." It involves a thumb, a pinky and your ear. You then return to your designated space and await the call, without entertaining yourself by listening to your co-worker on the phone.

8. Talking about your wonderful, fantastic, not-at-all average kids
At any stage of your kid's development -- first steps, an A on a class assignment, success on the soccer field -- remember this: It's been done. It is terrific for you, it can be totally new to you and that's great, but other people in the history of the universe have had kids too.

For the remaining top 7, visit for the full story. Great stuff here, folks.

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