Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robert Propst and His Frankenstein

Love him or hate him, Robert Propst probably never imagined the monster his invention, the cubicle, would become. What was he thinking? This article explains:

"The man credited with creating the cubicle, Robert Propst, developed the Action Office concept while working for furniture giant Herman Miller in the 1960s. He’d hoped, as he explained in 1998, that his idea 'would give knowledge workers a more flexible, fluid environment than the rat-maze box of offices,' while also acknowledging that his flexible system had often been misused because 'not all organizations are intelligent and progressive.'"

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Cubicle said...

The cubicle provides a cheap and great way to give people the space to work. It saved a lot of people from going nuts in the opposite environment at the time. Let's work on making it better so that it looks great too!