Monday, August 8, 2011

Cubicle Reality: Plans to Go

By this point, just about anyone who works in a cubicle has seen someone near them get laid off. It's a sad sight and one that most definitely makes an impression and has people thinking "What if this happens to me?" Though many cubicle workers may never admit it, many have a box or folder already prepared for that day when they get tapped on the shoulder and called into an HR meeting where the guest of honor is you.

"Go to the bottom left drawer of my desk," they say at the conclusion of the meeting. "All of my personal things and important paperwork are in a box. I know I have to leave the building, but can you meet me outside and give it to me? Thanks."

Any readers out there experiencing these types of thoughts? Maybe an attempt to control your destiny in an economic climate where no one feels safe?

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