Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Sizzles Cubicle Commuters

This weather is simply unbearable. Emlpoyees are walking into the office covered in a sheen of sweat, their moods overcooked like limp pasta. You can't blame people for sporting a bad disposition when they're soaked in their own sweat and have to sit in a conference room and filled with hazy July sunshine overlooking a crappy parking lot. At least there is air conditioning.

How are you beating the heat this week?  


cubicle decoration said...

It's unreal! The a/c went out at my office this past week... I think I was going to die! I have a fridge as part of my cubicle decoration, so I kept my head in there most of the week!

James F. Thompson said...

Haha. Great solution. I recently heard from a guy who said his company didn't turn on the air conditioning until morning and it took hours for the place to cool down. Ouch.

James F. Thompson said...

Just added a link to your site on our Links of Interest. Best.