Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cubicle Life: Shades of Weiner

Whenever you hear the word "inappropriate" bandied about, it's time to look around and see who, exactly, determines what is appropriate and inappropriate. Typically it's a loosely agreed upon line of decency that most people concur should not be crossed. Being a married congressman and sexting young women, for example, is generally perceived as inappropriate behavior. However, the point is that some people, even some very intelligent and well-educated people, just don't get it at times. 

So imagine the potential for "inappropriate" behavior in a workplace filled with often times hundreds of people. Something is bound to go round. Someone will inevitably cross they line. In fact, they do all of the time. So the next time you stick that photo of your girlfriend at the beach sporting her new fake boobs in a lace bikini to your cubicle wall, you just may want to reconsider your decision. The bar for "inappropriate" in the workplace is very low. Just accept it. Don't be an idiot. Leave the idiocy to politicians. 


myhonestanswer said...

I agree, the bar is so much lower in a professional workplace.

I've had a lot of questions on office dramas lately, here's just the latest one for you to check out:

James F. Thompson said...

Great blog! Yep, as long as there is office drama, they'll never be a shortage of issues to write about. Thank you, human nature.