Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cubicle News: The iPad 2

All cubicle dwellers work hard for their money, so for all of you who spent your hard-earned cash on the iPad, well, your investment just dropped in value as today Apple launched the iPad 2. It's sort of like being the cool kid in school only to have an even cooler kid move in from out of town. Sure, upgrades are inevitable, but this one seems to have occurred particularly fast. Either way, the iPad 2 is here to stay -- for now, at least -- which means there is another platform for you to buy a digital copy of The Cubicle Survival Guide. Read it on your new iPad 2 for peace of mind whenever your coworkers are driving you crazy.  

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ipad turkey said...

The new iPad is dual core, front and rear facing cameras, an all new A5 dual core CPU and a nine times more powerful GPU. The new Apple iPad2 is more thinner, faster and lighter.