Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cubicle Honesty: Are You Happy?

It's weird. Not so long ago working in a cubicle was considered to be an undesirable situation. Movies such as Office Space and television shows like The Office became hugely popular simply by making fun of the various frustrations associated with office life. Today, however, unemployment remains above 9%, meaning nearly 10 million Americans are unemployed and would certainly take work in a cubicle over no work at all. Yet, those who work in cubicles still bemoan their daily plights against surly colleagues, rude coworkers, and idiot managers. So for all of you cubicle dwellers out there, a simple question: Are you happy? Do you consider yourself lucky, or were your childhood dreams squashed for whatever reason, and you simply deal with the unwanted reality of cubicle life?


Roger_Paw said...

Just found your site today. I'm surprised to see so few comments on your posts. This is a good blog! Well, I hate my cubicle. My boss and his colleague face my back as they sit in their offices. I'm fully exposed to them. It's the worst. My boss and I moved to this space in November. Where I was seated before could be considered a palatial estate in the world of cubicles. Oh well! It does beat being out of work though, that's for darn sure.

James F. Thompson said...

Thanks for the nice words. But wow, your boss faces your back? That's got to be horrible! It must be hard not to just stand up, walk over, and close the door to his office. But kudos for being able to keep everything in perspective!