Friday, April 1, 2011

Beware: April Fool's Day Office Idiots

Deep down, all of us think we're pretty damn funny. Some of us even think we're freaking hilarious, and when people don't laugh at our humorous observations or genius pranks, we think it's because others don't have a sense of humor. The only thing more annoying than an unfunny idiot is an unfunny narcissistic idiot. And the latter group sees April Fool's Day as a reason to celebrate and exercise their unique and hilarious talents. Especially at the office. And these people suck. We all know it. So be vigilant. Don't believe anything. Lock down your stuff. Keep a low profile. You may be one of the few subjects of or witnesses to a real quality joke, but just like alcoholics say about New Year's Eve, it's amateurs day -- but just for "funny" people. So good luck, and feel free to comment on anything you may have seen on April Fool's Day 2011.

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