Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cubicle News: Woman Dies in Her Cubicle

Rebecca Wells, a 51-year old compliance auditor at the Los Angeles County Department of Internal Services, was found dead in her cubicle last Saturday. The unfortunate twist in this story is that she actually died on Friday, but no one found her until the following morning. This will, of course, spark all sorts of commentary about how cubicles diminish our souls and insult our humanity. Most of those remarks will offer nothing new or constructive, while others will have value or offer a laugh. Yet, as much as people like to complain about cubicles, having a cubicle also means having something else: a job. Anyway, always hate to hear news like this. 


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I heard of this. I feel really terrible when I hear such things. Ranks high up there with the spinster stories of women found dead alone with cats trying to snack on them!

BTW, I was really happy to have found your blog. Where are all the cubicle blogs/ people??

James F. Thompson said...

Eaten by your own cats! Ugh, that's grim!

Yeah, I'm not sure where all of the cubicle blogs/people are either. You'd think that there would be a lot more considering the millions of people who are online in their cubicles all day.

A few years ago, before the economy tanked, people perceived cubicles as the manifestation of everything that was wrong with the world. My how times have changed. Today you're fortunate to have a job and be working in one.