Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cubicle History: A Test

Cubicles were originally designed to do what?

(a) congregate different departments into specific areas

(b) create lanes of traffic to fulfill building fire code regulations

(c) prevent different levels of employees from mingling and discussing salary discrepancies

(d) provide employees with a greater sense of privacy

(e) psychologically eviscerate employees via a homogenized environment and temper individuality

(f) make it easy and inexpensive for companies to grow/downsize according to economic shifts

* Correct answer will be revealed Friday, February 11.


Michael said...

all of them except for D

James F. Thompson said...

Hah, ok maybe that was too much of a softball question! But yes, the answer is "D." I'll come up with something a little more challenging for next week! Thanks for reading!

reptilianwisdom said...

All of the above and none of the above.
Cubicleswere not originally designed to imprison people, but they became ugly gray graves over time.
I am so glad to be out of the cubicle hell.
Cubicles are the shame and disgrace of humanity, second only to the Gulags and the Nazi concentration camps.
One day they will take their place in the history along with Auschwitz.
When the zombie drones wake up and revolt to break their chains.