Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cubicle Annoyance: The Cc: Douchebag

There's one in every workplace and they are universally hated. The Cc: douchebag. You know, that person who insists on Cc:-ing emails to your boss, your boss's boss, and every other coworker in the company about some mistake you made that they -- being a diligent employee -- discovered on their own. Of course, they'll phrase the backstabbing email as if they're baffled and are just following up with a legitimate question that others also might have about YOUR mistake. It's classic passive-aggressive speak and usually goes something like this, "Hey, Bob. Thanks so much for the details regarding the Killington project. Great work!!! Just one little question... " And that's how it's done. If front of everyone. It the most polite way imaginable. In the most underhanded way possible. 

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