Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Back to the Salt Mine

The holiday season is over. Now we're in the long haul of winter months without any holidays in sight. Hang in there. It's just life, or something resembling one.

Anyone have a cubicle New Year's resolution? How about this: No eating lunch at your desk.


Jon said...

My resolution: I will not spend more than one hour per day in my cubicle. Phone is forwarded to my cell, got my laptop with VPN access. I'm set. A digital nomad in my own building. :-)

keep grinding,


James F. Thompson said...

Excellent resolution, Jon. Make sure you let everyone know your plan so they don't start speculating and gossiping about what you're up to. I had a friend who said among his coworkers it was a "be there or be talked about" situation. Hopefully that type of office culture is changing. Long overdue.

reptilianwisdom said...

Mine was to get out of the cubicle and start my own business.
A year later I got fired err freed from the cubicle prison and took the plunge to become a full time entrepreneur.
Now I have clients instead of bosses and I work from the comfort from my home, while not driving around town to meet clients.

I wish this kind of happy ending on all cubicle slaves left behind!