Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is This the End?

According to an article in the L.A. Times, we are on the threshold of a new era where cubicles are no longer part of the workplace because they aren't economically or socially prudent and younger employees are more accustomed to working from a laptop -- space isn't as much of an issue. So don't despair if your company doesn't think you're worth an office, because this time next year you could be standing at your job, maybe hanging onto one of those straps they have on busses. Yikes.

From the article:

The walls are closing in on white-collar workers — their office environments are shrinking, propelled by new technology, a changing corporate culture and the age-old imperative to save a buck.

Although personal workstations won't disappear, the sprawling warrens of cubicles and private offices that have defined the workplace for the last few decades are heading the way of Rolodexes and typewriters. The shift is of tectonic proportions, experts on the workplace say.

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