Thursday, October 7, 2010

Re-launch of The Cubicle Survival Guide!

Hey folks. Welcome to the long overdue re-launch of The Cubicle Survival Guide blog!

As the economy continues to struggle and more and more of my friends and acquaintances find themselves working in cubicles – if they have jobs at all – I knew this was the ideal time to give the blog a makeover. Now more than ever companies are operating on tight budgets, people are accepting just about any job they can get, and a cautious global economic sensibility means the financially prudent cubicle farm dynamic is going to be with all of us for a long time. This means more of the same for those of us accustomed to cubicle life. However, it means a change in the cubicle neighborhood for all us as CEOs, higher-ups, and those raised to think they’d never end up in a cubicle join the ranks. And that can cause problems – but also comedy, depending on your role in the conflict, tantrum, or misunderstanding.

The Cubicle Survival Guide blog is here to address the countless issues that arise when human beings are forced to work long ours in a cramped and often soul-smothering environment. History has taught us that the human race will always fight itself in wars as nations exploit their own people and passing civilizations treat the environment like oil-powered cats in a litter box. Unfortunately, all of these very human and natural tendencies play out – but on a smaller level, thankfully – in the cubicle farm. Your cubicle farm. Instead of religious wars, there will be arguments over religion, typically fueled by some article of clothing, cube decoration or holiday, but always spawned by ignorance. Sadly, women often will not be paid as much as men, and if you think money is the leading reason for divorce among married couples, wait until Jill finds out that her colleague Tim “Nimrod” Todd is making more money than she is. Alas, people are messy, and the people around you will certainly pollute the air with the smell of microwave popcorn, litter their own cubes with crumpled fast food bags and soiled tissues, and wreck the refrigerator, microwave, and kitchen area with all sorts of spills, splatters, and outright negligence.

It’s enough to make you crazy, or, even worse, invisible – even to yourself, as the corporate machine gobbles up your time, your soul, and even your identity. When you feel that happening, please feel free to stop by here and commiserate, vent, rant, laugh, cry, sigh, or simply read each daily post knowing that you’re not alone. Thanks for visiting, and look forward to hearing from you.


James F. Thompson

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