Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cubicle Strategy: Don't Gossip

Don't do it. You know that. Gossip is for petty, shallow, and insecure people. Unfortunately, being trapped in a cubicle all day would make a Tibetan monk petty, shallow, and insecure. Cubicle life offers little spiritual reward or intellectual stimulation, but plenty of boredom and time to unravel as a decent person. Yes, Sarah is having sex with Thomas in his car in the parking garage, and both of them are married -- but not to each other. You know this because Andrea told you in the woman's bathroom. She bets they're doing it in the stairwell, too. What should you do? Keep your mouth shut. You know the gossip, and let it end there. If you must do something with the information, mull over it every now and then to remind yourself how blissfully uncomplicated your life is compared to theirs. This doesn't make you a better person. But it does make you different. And enjoy that difference if it helps you get through the day. Otherwise, don't add to the gossip or in any way undermine someone else's life with gossip. They're only human. And so are you. Sadly, your day will come. Welcome to the human race.

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