Monday, October 11, 2010

Article on "The New Rules of Office Etiquette"

This article offers some compelling insights on "The New Rules of Office Etiquette." Here is an excerpt: 

"Clearly office environments and working conditions have changed radically over the last few years. Office etiquette has become more important with tighter space, more offices being shared and the lines between paid employees and contractors blurring. In this age of open plan offices, informal digital communications and fluid work roles, new rules are needed for office etiquette."

Excellent point. Though evolutions in technology, office workspaces, and efforts to minimize overhead do indeed pose challenges to employees, the general rules dictating behavior regarding noise level, smell level, and general appropriateness are always in play. Self-awareness is an indispensable quality in every employee, though one not always emphasized in the interview and screening processes. Never underestimate the importance of emotional intelligence. It's amazing how many people with advanced degrees don't have the wherewithal  to hold a conference call in a conference room and not via the speakerphone in their cubicle. Sheesh. 

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